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Seplaa Consultancy Services

We are Strategy Consultants for:


Business Leaders & Businesses  

Business Immigration to Canada (Canadian Startup Visa Program) to scale business to a global market.  

-Business Growth & Advisory 

Universities & Higher Education 

We provide:

  • Strategic global business advice and partner mapping.
  • Strategy development advice for families and business leaders who want to immigrate or grow their impact globally.
  • Higher education consultancy for students seeing admissions in universities in Canada and the UK.

Since 2013, the Seplaa Consultants Canada CEO Dr. Ammara Malik has incubated and advised more than 5000 business leaders, entities and projects across Pakistan, Turkey, Singapore, Nepal and Afghanistan and has been a part of various international projects, policy dialogues and conferences in international development in the US, Singapore, Nepal, Maldives, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Philippines and Pakistan.