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Seplaa Hub Canada Innovation Leaders

Collaboration is key to the future of work!

We are inviting business and innovation leaders to become members of Seplaa Hub Canada Innovation Leaders Group!

This informal network will be focusing on initiating discussions, dialogues, connections and collaborations around innovation in Canada and beyond.

If you are based in Canada or in the process of moving to Canada and have a strong interest in cleantech, agritech, generative AI and education, social innovation, women leadership or related innovative businesses then we want to hear from you!

📣 Become one of the Seplaa Hub Canada Innovation Leaders!

To self nominate or nominate another innovation leader, please send us your interest to join, your profile and picture at and cc to latest by 30th June, 2023.

Innovation Leaders will be announced by 15th August, 2023. 

For any questions, please email us at

Let’s innovate and grow together! 

Nominations open Seplaa Hub Canada