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‘Thrive Canada’ Action Research

Toronto- To mark one year of Seplaa Consultants Canada Inc., Seplaa Canada team will be conducting a research study by interviewing 500 stakeholders in Toronto and Ottawa from October 2023 to April 2024.

We are excited to collaborate with 500:

  • Canadian Business Incubators
  • Canadian Business Leaders
  • Canadian Universities
  • Canadian Government Departments 

to explore the challenges and opportunities within the Canadian landscape.


This research is being conducted for the second edition of the  book, ‘Building Bridges Through Social Enterprises’ to be updated by the Impact World Press  as ‘Building Bridges through Impact Entrepreneurship’ which will be available from October 2024.

The research aims to highlight the role, challenges and opportunities that  impact entrepreneurship can play in creating bridges between diverse communities and driving positive social change in Canada. 

Selected interviews will also be published in our Impact Insights section on the Seplaa Canada website.

Seplaa Canada Research

Expected Outcome:

Seplaa Canada thrives on promoting sustainability beyond borders. Our commitment to research, collaboration, and impactful initiatives is aimed to contribute to a brighter future, not only in Canada but around the globe. See some of our other global initiatives here. 


We extend our invitation for you to join us on this journey of positive transformation to empower the community of innovative startups and migrants in Canada.

To become a Partner, contributor or supporter of ‘Thrive Canada’, please reach out to us at: or fill out this Thrive Canada Action Research form.


Seplaa Business & Human Rights

Seplaa Canada promotes responsible businesses and business practices. We thrive on accelerating businesses to incorporate ESG metrics into their business methodologies to create sustainable living and work solutions.

From 2021-2023, Seplaa ESG, Business & Human Rights Projects and Advisory is focused towards accelerating not for profit businesses, social enterprises and women led businesses under UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights.

Themes covered in Seplaa Conferences since 2010:

    • Social Entrepreneurship
    • Peacebuilding
    • CVE
    • Business Law
    • Good Governance
    • Creativity & Innovation
    • Leadership
    • Women Empowerment

Seplaa Conferences have been held almost annually from 2010-2019 in Asia Pacific.. The Conferences highlighted the various aspects of Seplaa’s interests in areas such as social entrepreneurship, international trade, international law, international trade law, women empowerment and in creating a peaceful narrative for communities in transition.  The following conferences have been held since 2010 in Pakistan under our Asia Pacific wing.

    • 1st Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Awards Exhibition & Conference held at Ali Auditorium in November, 2010.
    • 2nd Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Conference held at Seplaa DHA in November,  2011.
    • 3rd Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Conference held at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in March, 2013.
    • 4th Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Conference held at Royal Palm Golf & Country Club in December, 2014.
    • 5th Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Conference  on ‘Action Based Leadership’ held in November 2016.
    • 6th Seplaa Conference on Women Empowerment held in March 2017.
    • 7th Seplaa Talent of Pakistan Conference held in November 2017.
    • 8th Seplaa Conference held in Seplaa Hub in November, 2018.9th Seplaa Conference & Exhibition held at the Seplaa Hub in November, 2019.